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Benidorm Water Park in Spain

Benidorm Water Park in Spain, water park benidorm

Aqualandia in Benidorm, Spain is a whole world of water attractions for the whole family to enjoy and experience a splashtastic mixture of exciting water slides of all different curves and waves and glides. Some are parallel to each other so you and your friends can go down together. Splash gives the sliders the feel of zero gravity at top speed level and it is about the most popular glides you can take.

Other glides zig-zag as you speed down and splash into the water. Rubber tires are available to ride down the rapids.

Aqualandia is the most amazing and exciting waterpark for the kids both young and old and for everyone young in spirit.

You can go to caves and waterfalls and dive deep into Niagara’s calm water or have a soothing and relaxing soak in Grand Jacuzzi. Moreover,a large pool for normal swimming is available.

In addition there are plenty to offer to the kids, there are small slides and shallow pools. Target a major attraction souvenir stores for your memorabilia buying or go and hunt for hard-core comfort snacks like pizzas and frozen treats.

Treat all the family right now to a day of splashtastic fun at Aqualandia Benidorm. It will surely be the highlight of your holiday!


We Found Our Very Own Version Of Paradise In Denia

Holiday Spain Tours in DeniaDenia is a delightful Spanish town in the southeastern coast of Spain. It is one of the popular coastal town in Costa Blanca that is situated halfway between Alicante and Valencia in Costa Blanca. Between the coastal towns of Costa Blanca which are Moraira, Javea and Denia, it is the town of Denia that has more to offer simply because it is a larger town with more bars, restaurants and beaches. It is also well known for hosting many festivals including the famous Bull Run throughout its streets and the annual tomato festival. We found ourselves our own version of paradise in Denia when get to put our feet up and relax in the sunshine, enjoy the sea breeze, take in the magnificent views and historic buildings, the often stroll to a lot of beautiful white sand beaches, and plenty of beautiful little streets lined with trees making it a pleasant shade during hot summers.

There are a lot of things to do and places to go while in Denia. The 24 hours of your day I believe isn’t even enough to cover all activities and see all the places you wouldn’t want to miss. The places you don’t want to miss to visit are El Montgó Natural park, The toy museum, Denia’s marina, Ethnology Museum, Denia’s Castle, Historical City Centre and Gerro Tower. All these are in Denia.

We found our own version of paradise and our home in Denia. It becomes a tradition to our family to travel to Spain each year to spend and enjoy the summer holidays over the past several years and we always go to Denia. We always choose to rent a holiday villa because of the freedom and benefits our entire family can get. We are a family of 6. My wife and I both work from home and we have 4 kids who are still attending school. But it’s not always going to be the same villa because it gets really too boring to have same villa each time we visit Denia. It is a very good thing that there’s always a lot of Denia holiday rentals to choose from which are surprisingly inexpensive. For several years, we have been doing the same routine but lately when we get home after each visit to Denia we realized that most of time at home are spent making plans to visit Denia again and we have been counting down the days until we can go back. And we have always been so excited about it. We even ask ourselves why were we even bothering going home at all. So, we started looking for an inexpensive, low cost and distressed villa for sale in Denia.

So for the last week of our two week stay, we spent most of our time looking at the various villas for sale in Denia. And I have to say, compared to house prices back home you get a lot more for your money.

There’s indeed a great selection of villas for sale in Denia that most of time for the last 2 weeks of our stay were spent entirely looking at one of those. Compared to the prices of the properties back home, I should say that you can definitely get a lot more for the money you’ll be spending here.

Villa For Sale in DeniaOur budget is 330,000 Euros and surprisingly we found a 5 bedroom villa with a large and fantastic pool. It more seem like a mansion actually than a villa. The pool size was around 10m by 5m , under-lit. There is also a large pool-side area and poolside bar – refrigerated. You can also get great views from the pool to the surrounding area. We are already imagining pool parties and barbecues we can have in the summer. Because it has 5 spacious rooms, there’s absolutely no need modify the house. My wife and the kids love it and this might be our final choice.

Yet while we are looking at some of the villas for sale in La Sella, Denia, we found this villa that offers really great views to the sea, to the mountain and to the golf course and the price is 165,000 Euros. The only thing is that, the the villa has only 3 rooms in it and it only has a shared pool. It’s hard for us not to consider this because of the price which is only almost half the price compared to the first one we saw. There’s a need for us to convert a couple of rooms into bedrooms though.

We still have to decide though and there’s actually no need for us to make a rush decision. We also can have another short holiday to Denia to check out for more. But the thought of having a new life in sunny Denia is makes our family so eager to move in this place.

Holiday Rentals in Javea Costa Blanca

Cheap Javea holidays villa with mediterranean sea viewsJavea is among the most popular holiday place you cannot escape from visiting while exploring the Costa Blanca region of Spain. It is a very popular summer destination with very irresistible climate, a wholly ideal place for summer tanning in a totally impressive breaches.

This impressive coastal town of Javea is split up into 3 excellent parts which includes the Javea Arenal beach which has a pretty big sandy beach very ideal for family with kids. It has playground and a pedestrian walk way in front of a beach with an excellent selection of shops, cafe’s and restaurants nearby.

The Javea old town is the part rich in medieval history. It has delightful narrow, cobbled streets, magnificent medieval buildings and gothic churches. It has still remained its ancient Spanish charm and has lots of shops, restaurants nearby. Lastly, the Javea port which is a prospering fishing port. Regular fresh fish marketplace is found here.

Javea is set at the foot of Mount Montgo which is 753 m (2470 ft) high. The town is presented by the San Antoni and Capes of La Nau on the shores of the Mediterranean sea and has a various landscape, both along its 25 kilometres of coast and inland. You could get to Javea by taking the airport transfer from the two closest airports of Alicante airport and Valencia airport. It is approximately 40km from Benidorm following the N-332 coastal road. Just imagine the excitement of having a wonderful road trip along the coast with that gentle warm Mediterranean breezes brushing against your face. Pretty exciting isn’t it?

This coastal town really is a pure beauty – a great location of peace and serenity that has a lovely warm climate which continues to attract more visitors each year.

Aside from having outstanding sightseeing and attractions in this area, It’s obvious that there are facilities which makes the tourists feel more welcomed. Such facilities offered include a wide range of Javea holiday rentals. They give all the features of a home with a a touch of real class to your stay and is even a lot more peaceful than a hotel. However, it comes in varying prices and the location is a great factor to consider but all are still benefits to having a great holiday.

Another thing is the size and the capacity. Best friends and family exploring collectively might like to stay in an large houses and large rentals in Javea can fully meet that need with all the more comfort level as compared to the units in hotels. They have a good number of rooms partitioned just perfectly to your own convenience same with holiday apartments. Basically, the holiday rentals in Javea can accommodate every types of accommodation needed should it be for a small accommodation or large or group accommodation. Yet, it is highly recommended that you should plan your vacation accordingly and get all the information needed especially when it comes to accommodation to make your holiday vacation successful.

Other important thing which you should prioritize is the date of booking. Summer is the peak season so you might want to make your reservation ahead of time. Some of the people have been looking at villas and apartments for rent in Javea as early as January for their July-August accommodation.

The town also offer a great selection of excellent restaurants and cafes around the bay for the whole family. Some restaurants have wonderful terrace for alfresco dining and a lovely landscaped garden with children’s play area – a very suitable location for families. Some are really great place to meet with friends or family for a drink and some delicious meals to eat.

Security. When it comes to security, there is a variety of homeland security or security groups to ensure the security in most of these holiday rentals in Javea.

For Pet Owners. Unfortunately, some of the apartment and villa owners won’t allow having pets inside the premises.

Air conditioning. Air conditioning is offered at many of the villas and apartments but if unsure, it’s way better to ask.

Car Rentals. In the case of travel needs, cars are generally not essential if you are staying in some Javea holiday apartments to rent with walking distance to beach and amenities such as restaurants, bars and cafes. Good quality trekking routes around Javea would include things like shops. It therefore is senseless to lease a car for your movement, unless you want to travel a long distance.


Why We Fell In Love With Javea

Javea holidaysWe fancy Spain. We really fancy Spain. Me and my wife go to this area quiet more often and we normally reserve in Andalusia every visit.

Just like how we love getting on an escapade, we also love change. So this year, both of us chosen to stay in Javea and rent a good looking  for  cheap Javea rental.

We are both so very pleased because it turned out that the area is actually a suitable place to stay. Xàbia or Javea as it is often spelt, is located in Alicante in Valencia, across the south east coast.

Like all the other spots in coastal spots, it receives a great deal of tourist, but they were more varying in nationality in comparison with tourists where we normally stay. We figured out that the majority of the respectable Spanish people have also been residing in Javea and we both finally feel somewhat more Spanish in this destination. It’s true that Spanish culture is very welcoming and wishes to make certain that visitor feels cozy among them. The locals have really kept in touch with their past somewhat more than other parts of the country. For this reason you will undoubtedly feel at home in their Spain holiday villas as it provides that unique feeling of comfort and experience to the holidaymakers and travellers.

Being further up from the equator, it isn’t nearly as hot compared to the southern tip of Spain, but the climate is still warm hot. Here’s the latest UK weather forecast.

With extraordinary white washed houses and maze of narrow cobbled streets as well as with the Mediterranean structure, The area itself is precisely what you’d expect.The place is actually within a large enclave on the Costa Blanca and it’s ideally situated, near a stunning white sand beach and scenic countryside roads.

You can also rent a bicycle and feel free to explore the town particularly the Montgó Natural Park which is worth seeing and worth visiting. We do not have kids to be concerned about, so we took a hike up the Montgó Mountain on our second day, this time by walking. It truly is a real challenge as well as gentle stroll to the summit, and it’s well worth doing so, in the top of the mountain you can find some spectacular views to behold. All of Javea and Denia may also be seen from the top of the mountain. It would take time to get to peak so be sure to bring some lunch and lots and lots of water with you because there are no food shops nearby.

Around the town, it’s wise to visit and to check out the “old town” part of Javea at least once.
Right here you could locate the terrific Gothic fortress church from the fourteenth century or be intrigued around the historic lookout posts perched on the mountain tops which were created to shield Javea from pirates and possible invaders. And to experience more of the natural beauty Javea’s coastline could offer, you may want to visit the official viewpoints which have been selected for their good panoramas which in North, there’s the remains of numerous windmills which overlook the town and from the south the stunning high cliff landscape of Cap Negre and Cabo de la Nao can be admired. They are a recommended place to sit and have a packed lunch.

The majority of our week was spent in the nearby countryside walking or cycling, visiting lots of the shops in the town, scuba diving on the beach, lounging around in bars and on the sand and eating at Sofia’s Restaurant (a wonderful little place on the Bay of Javea road).
We visited this place for this reason.

Looking for a cheap property for sale in Javea is what making us busy throughout our stay because me and my wife have planned to transfer here later in the year. We really enjoyed our stay so much that we have agreed to relocate here permanently. We still need to make an informed decision which villa would be the new home for us and there is a number of ideal and distressed villas for sale to decide on.

The town is reasonably well-off, as it’s a very ideal place so there are villas that can reach a sale price in the several millions of Euros. Including the money from selling our present home, our budget would be around 300,000€ and with that amount, you can already purchase a well located quality property or villa with a pool.A great mix of both classic Spanish architecture and contemporary is what we are interested in a lavish villa.There is a beautifully landscaped garden and a private swimming pool A villa near the canal but not quite large yet similarly priced is what we are also thinking about. We also discover a villa which is interestingly only half the price of the other two and has marvelous panoramic views of the enclave from spacious balcony. It’s an amazing 2 beds villa located high in the Castellans area of Javea. The only thing is that it lacks swimming pool area but we think the balcony more than makes up for it and considering the money we can save, we can definitely determine to just renting out our current home instead of selling it. The excitement of moving out here and having a new lifestyle is amazingly tremendous we have fallen deeply and adored Javea, along with the shorelines, the countryside, the people in there and also the amazing Spain holiday villa. We are also thrilled to start out our new lives in one of the most superb places on Earth. All we need to right now is to make the sound decision on which home we want and which home our money can buy.

Vacation Rentals: Benefits And Drawbacks

If you are looking for a place to stay that feels like home – Holiday villas and apartments in Javea and Moraira in Costa Blanca can offer you everything you need for a terrific holiday getaway. Large accommodation for large family with more rooms to roam around is exactly what people needs who are travelling together. People who dislike hotel food are also accommodated with the liberty of the holiday villas to cook or even to hire a cook to make their food. Noisy and annoying people next door to a hotel unit are definitely out of range when you have a beautifully tailored garden on your own right outside the door to the villa.

But villas usually are not for everybody as there are certain things that need to be considered when deciding whether to rent a villa or hotel.

Benefits and advantages of renting a villa

Large accommodation. A villa, depending on the size, can accommodate as much as 25-30 people or more. Compared to renting a hotel, staying in a villa can truly trim down travel costs – saving a lot of money is achievable without having to compromise the fun and enjoyment of the entire family. Also when it comes to having quality family bonding – the communication and interaction eases is on the higher end as the everyone is able to bond with one another not necessary have to go to theme parks to bond. Some of the villas offer exclusive amenities such as large private pools, pool slides, children’s play ground, table tennis, and even mini golf.

Child friendly vacation rental with pool slides

Privacy and personalisation. Unlike a hotel, a villa has a dining table, a kitchen area, a bedroom and a washroom all within your reach. Delicious home-made meals can be prepared by you or by a butler or cook you’d be able to hire. Some of the villa owners offer this services. You can just go in and out without having to check out like in a hotel.

Peaceful neighborhood. Privacy in your villa, in your pool, with the family and friends and the freedom to consider your own pace and style are incredible. They are generally in a quiet place with good scenery. Enjoy total privacy in tranquil atmosphere, disturbance from guest to your neighbors is history.



Seclusion brings Isolation. If you’re a type of person who can’t seem to live alone and is very friendly or lively when interacting with whom you don’t know, then villa couldn’t be for you. The privacy and peaceful atmosphere can also be bit daunting specially holidaying in a huge and spacious villas, it can possibly be a nightmare for you. If daily interaction with unknown people seems normal like a receptionist smiles at you in the hotel entrance or bump some people in the elevator or hearing that annoying laughter from a lady next door is fine with you then you should think of reserving a hotel room instead.

Lack of room service. Absence of room service can play a big part in having foods particularly if you have night time cravings and you are feeling the necessity to order snack foods right away which you might are not be able to do so while staying in a villa. It may be a lengthy drive before you’d be able to get the food that you wanted. Round the clock service conversely is what hotels can offer.

Getaway Access. Some villas do not have get-away and access to joints such as restaurants, bar and other fun places. As we said earlier pure isolation. If you’re a entertaining person during the wee hours of the night then go for a hotel.

Basically, the preference deeply vary and depends on your comfort and personality and not class or money when selecting between getting hotel rooms or villas and apartments. No matter which should match your style and taste and the satisfaction ability you prefer should dictate the decision your family will enjoy.

Spain Guide: Tourism in Spain

Spain Guide: Tourism in SpainSpain is populated with a great deal of vacationer visiting the country every summer especially the Costa Blanca region which lies with towns along the beach. A 300+ of sunny days each year awaita you in this wonderful province of Alicante in Eastern Spain which makes it a amazing tourist destination one would wish to transport to immediately.

Spain’s tourism industry succeed because of the following reasons:

Spain Transportation:

Spain has a good air and road transportation system.
For air travel, there’s AirEuropa which has several flight destination around Spain. Spanair also operates in Spain and throughout Europe. It has flights between Washington, DC, and Madrid. Air France also flies to Spain and there’s another site that tracks flights to and from various destinations in Spain and other European countries which is

Visitors can access Spain either by land, by ferry or by air but majority of travellers arrive by air. Airlines flying to Spain are Clickair, Vueling, Charter airlines, Air Europa, Air Berlin and the national airline which is Iberia.

Coastal beaches: Beach resorts in Spain

Spain has 4 major regions that lie along the Mediterranean waters.

  • Catalonia community. The Costa Daurada, Costa Brava and Costa Del Meresme. France and Spain inland vacationers mostly favored staying in this area.
  • Valencian Community. Costa Blanca. This is the best choice for holiday makers largely from UK and Germany because here lies the coastal town of Javea with it’s beautiful beaches. It’s also the Spain’s well-developed coastal region. Aside from Costa Blanca, Costa del Azahar is also found in this community.
  • Costa Calida lies in the region of Murcia
  • Andalucia region. The Costa de Almería, the Costa del Sol, the Costa Tropical and the Costa de la Luz lie in this region.

Family Holiday Villas:
Javea rentals and holidays in Moraira in Costa Blanca are the most preferred accommodation for tourists especially those who are traveling on a budget in Spain. Most of these low cost direct villa holidays in Moraira, inexpensive Javea villa rentals and a very affordable holiday apartments to rent which are either set close to the beach or in the hills overlooking lovely mountain views or at the top of mountain hills and cliffs in a great location with great views to the Mediterranean sea. Private parking and garden pool are well offered as special amenities.

Religion history:
The country holds some of the holiest places for the Catholic Church that is why Spain is highly regarded by the Catholics. The country holds the most sacred places for the Catholics such the city of Santiago de Compostela, Caravaca de la Cruz, and city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia after Vatican City and Jerusalem.This bring a lot of tourists in the form of pilgrims and other believers especially during the holy week and Christian holidays.

Lively night life:

Spain is highly attuned to late-night life and nightlife is part of the Spanish culture.
Madrid is a paradise for nightlife lovers and Barcelona’s party scene is spectacular as the city itself. Just to experience night energy, overnight clubs and night parties such as Kapital and Pacha bring tourists to Spain.

Archaeological destinations:
Spain is filled with museums and art galleries. Museo El Prado is famous for its collection of arts from ancient times and is also one of the most visited museums in the world. Countries national museum which are also included are The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. The country’s investment on tourism have made the country’s ideal growth and earnings achievable over the years.

Progressively, Spain stayed a year-round holiday maker vacation spot attracting more and more visitors from around the world. But by just thinking of Spain and summer your thoughts surely will drift to hot sunny days with clear blue skies.