Vacation Rentals: Benefits And Drawbacks

If you are looking for a place to stay that feels like home – Holiday villas and apartments in Javea and Moraira in Costa Blanca can offer you everything you need for a terrific holiday getaway. Large accommodation for large family with more rooms to roam around is exactly what people needs who are travelling together. People who dislike hotel food are also accommodated with the liberty of the holiday villas to cook or even to hire a cook to make their food. Noisy and annoying people next door to a hotel unit are definitely out of range when you have a beautifully tailored garden on your own right outside the door to the villa.

But villas usually are not for everybody as there are certain things that need to be considered when deciding whether to rent a villa or hotel.

Benefits and advantages of renting a villa

Large accommodation. A villa, depending on the size, can accommodate as much as 25-30 people or more. Compared to renting a hotel, staying in a villa can truly trim down travel costs – saving a lot of money is achievable without having to compromise the fun and enjoyment of the entire family. Also when it comes to having quality family bonding – the communication and interaction eases is on the higher end as the everyone is able to bond with one another not necessary have to go to theme parks to bond. Some of the villas offer exclusive amenities such as large private pools, pool slides, children’s play ground, table tennis, and even mini golf.

Child friendly vacation rental with pool slides

Privacy and personalisation. Unlike a hotel, a villa has a dining table, a kitchen area, a bedroom and a washroom all within your reach. Delicious home-made meals can be prepared by you or by a butler or cook you’d be able to hire. Some of the villa owners offer this services. You can just go in and out without having to check out like in a hotel.

Peaceful neighborhood. Privacy in your villa, in your pool, with the family and friends and the freedom to consider your own pace and style are incredible. They are generally in a quiet place with good scenery. Enjoy total privacy in tranquil atmosphere, disturbance from guest to your neighbors is history.



Seclusion brings Isolation. If you’re a type of person who can’t seem to live alone and is very friendly or lively when interacting with whom you don’t know, then villa couldn’t be for you. The privacy and peaceful atmosphere can also be bit daunting specially holidaying in a huge and spacious villas, it can possibly be a nightmare for you. If daily interaction with unknown people seems normal like a receptionist smiles at you in the hotel entrance or bump some people in the elevator or hearing that annoying laughter from a lady next door is fine with you then you should think of reserving a hotel room instead.

Lack of room service. Absence of room service can play a big part in having foods particularly if you have night time cravings and you are feeling the necessity to order snack foods right away which you might are not be able to do so while staying in a villa. It may be a lengthy drive before you’d be able to get the food that you wanted. Round the clock service conversely is what hotels can offer.

Getaway Access. Some villas do not have get-away and access to joints such as restaurants, bar and other fun places. As we said earlier pure isolation. If you’re a entertaining person during the wee hours of the night then go for a hotel.

Basically, the preference deeply vary and depends on your comfort and personality and not class or money when selecting between getting hotel rooms or villas and apartments. No matter which should match your style and taste and the satisfaction ability you prefer should dictate the decision your family will enjoy.


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