We Found Our Very Own Version Of Paradise In Denia

Holiday Spain Tours in DeniaDenia is a delightful Spanish town in the southeastern coast of Spain. It is one of the popular coastal town in Costa Blanca that is situated halfway between Alicante and Valencia in Costa Blanca. Between the coastal towns of Costa Blanca which are Moraira, Javea and Denia, it is the town of Denia that has more to offer simply because it is a larger town with more bars, restaurants and beaches. It is also well known for hosting many festivals including the famous Bull Run throughout its streets and the annual tomato festival. We found ourselves our own version of paradise in Denia when get to put our feet up and relax in the sunshine, enjoy the sea breeze, take in the magnificent views and historic buildings, the often stroll to a lot of beautiful white sand beaches, and plenty of beautiful little streets lined with trees making it a pleasant shade during hot summers.

There are a lot of things to do and places to go while in Denia. The 24 hours of your day I believe isn’t even enough to cover all activities and see all the places you wouldn’t want to miss. The places you don’t want to miss to visit are El Montgó Natural park, The toy museum, Denia’s marina, Ethnology Museum, Denia’s Castle, Historical City Centre and Gerro Tower. All these are in Denia.

We found our own version of paradise and our home in Denia. It becomes a tradition to our family to travel to Spain each year to spend and enjoy the summer holidays over the past several years and we always go to Denia. We always choose to rent a holiday villa because of the freedom and benefits our entire family can get. We are a family of 6. My wife and I both work from home and we have 4 kids who are still attending school. But it’s not always going to be the same villa because it gets really too boring to have same villa each time we visit Denia. It is a very good thing that there’s always a lot of Denia holiday rentals to choose from which are surprisingly inexpensive. For several years, we have been doing the same routine but lately when we get home after each visit to Denia we realized that most of time at home are spent making plans to visit Denia again and we have been counting down the days until we can go back. And we have always been so excited about it. We even ask ourselves why were we even bothering going home at all. So, we started looking for an inexpensive, low cost and distressed villa for sale in Denia.

So for the last week of our two week stay, we spent most of our time looking at the various villas for sale in Denia. And I have to say, compared to house prices back home you get a lot more for your money.

There’s indeed a great selection of villas for sale in Denia that most of time for the last 2 weeks of our stay were spent entirely looking at one of those. Compared to the prices of the properties back home, I should say that you can definitely get a lot more for the money you’ll be spending here.

Villa For Sale in DeniaOur budget is 330,000 Euros and surprisingly we found a 5 bedroom villa with a large and fantastic pool. It more seem like a mansion actually than a villa. The pool size was around 10m by 5m , under-lit. There is also a large pool-side area and poolside bar – refrigerated. You can also get great views from the pool to the surrounding area. We are already imagining pool parties and barbecues we can have in the summer. Because it has 5 spacious rooms, there’s absolutely no need modify the house. My wife and the kids love it and this might be our final choice.

Yet while we are looking at some of the villas for sale in La Sella, Denia, we found this villa that offers really great views to the sea, to the mountain and to the golf course and the price is 165,000 Euros. The only thing is that, the the villa has only 3 rooms in it and it only has a shared pool. It’s hard for us not to consider this because of the price which is only almost half the price compared to the first one we saw. There’s a need for us to convert a couple of rooms into bedrooms though.

We still have to decide though and there’s actually no need for us to make a rush decision. We also can have another short holiday to Denia to check out for more. But the thought of having a new life in sunny Denia is makes our family so eager to move in this place.


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