Working in Spain

Is Spain the ideal place to work? The economic recession and high unemployment job search become a real challenge for immigrants. In contrast, population aging raises a need for young workforce that adds to productive development.

Spanish Visas
Here’s the information about visas in Spain that are granted to foreigners who are interested in working temporarily or permanently in Spain.

Spanish labor market
with one of the highest rates of unemployment or unemployment, as he called the Spanish, the Spanish labor market looks unattractive. Opportunities need to know to find them.

Occupations in demand in Spain
The Spanish employers give value to training in the area of computer workers; fluent in English, French or German and professional experience.

Family reunification in Spain
modality that offers the Spanish legislation for family migration of foreigners residing in the country.

Refugees and asylees in Spain
Spain receives significant numbers of immigrants on humanitarian grounds, as in the case of family reunification, the refuge and asylum.

Citizenship Spanish
Spanish nationality or citizenship can be obtained in three ways: by origin, by choice or by residence. The requirements and processes are described in detail.

Living expenses in Spain
Description of the major expenses that must be performed monthly to live in Spain. Useful figures for the family budget.  See here.

Housing in Spain
Spain Find property is a complex and time consuming task. However, there are good practices that can make the process more effective.

Embassies and consulates of Spain
List of embassies and consulates of Spain in different countries of Latin America.


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