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Why We Fell In Love With Javea

Javea holidaysWe fancy Spain. We really fancy Spain. Me and my wife go to this area quiet more often and we normally reserve in Andalusia every visit.

Just like how we love getting on an escapade, we also love change. So this year, both of us chosen to stay in Javea and rent a good looking  for  cheap Javea rental.

We are both so very pleased because it turned out that the area is actually a suitable place to stay. Xàbia or Javea as it is often spelt, is located in Alicante in Valencia, across the south east coast.

Like all the other spots in coastal spots, it receives a great deal of tourist, but they were more varying in nationality in comparison with tourists where we normally stay. We figured out that the majority of the respectable Spanish people have also been residing in Javea and we both finally feel somewhat more Spanish in this destination. It’s true that Spanish culture is very welcoming and wishes to make certain that visitor feels cozy among them. The locals have really kept in touch with their past somewhat more than other parts of the country. For this reason you will undoubtedly feel at home in their Spain holiday villas as it provides that unique feeling of comfort and experience to the holidaymakers and travellers.

Being further up from the equator, it isn’t nearly as hot compared to the southern tip of Spain, but the climate is still warm hot. Here’s the latest UK weather forecast.

With extraordinary white washed houses and maze of narrow cobbled streets as well as with the Mediterranean structure, The area itself is precisely what you’d expect.The place is actually within a large enclave on the Costa Blanca and it’s ideally situated, near a stunning white sand beach and scenic countryside roads.

You can also rent a bicycle and feel free to explore the town particularly the Montgó Natural Park which is worth seeing and worth visiting. We do not have kids to be concerned about, so we took a hike up the Montgó Mountain on our second day, this time by walking. It truly is a real challenge as well as gentle stroll to the summit, and it’s well worth doing so, in the top of the mountain you can find some spectacular views to behold. All of Javea and Denia may also be seen from the top of the mountain. It would take time to get to peak so be sure to bring some lunch and lots and lots of water with you because there are no food shops nearby.

Around the town, it’s wise to visit and to check out the “old town” part of Javea at least once.
Right here you could locate the terrific Gothic fortress church from the fourteenth century or be intrigued around the historic lookout posts perched on the mountain tops which were created to shield Javea from pirates and possible invaders. And to experience more of the natural beauty Javea’s coastline could offer, you may want to visit the official viewpoints which have been selected for their good panoramas which in North, there’s the remains of numerous windmills which overlook the town and from the south the stunning high cliff landscape of Cap Negre and Cabo de la Nao can be admired. They are a recommended place to sit and have a packed lunch.

The majority of our week was spent in the nearby countryside walking or cycling, visiting lots of the shops in the town, scuba diving on the beach, lounging around in bars and on the sand and eating at Sofia’s Restaurant (a wonderful little place on the Bay of Javea road).
We visited this place for this reason.

Looking for a cheap property for sale in Javea is what making us busy throughout our stay because me and my wife have planned to transfer here later in the year. We really enjoyed our stay so much that we have agreed to relocate here permanently. We still need to make an informed decision which villa would be the new home for us and there is a number of ideal and distressed villas for sale to decide on.

The town is reasonably well-off, as it’s a very ideal place so there are villas that can reach a sale price in the several millions of Euros. Including the money from selling our present home, our budget would be around 300,000€ and with that amount, you can already purchase a well located quality property or villa with a pool.A great mix of both classic Spanish architecture and contemporary is what we are interested in a lavish villa.There is a beautifully landscaped garden and a private swimming pool A villa near the canal but not quite large yet similarly priced is what we are also thinking about. We also discover a villa which is interestingly only half the price of the other two and has marvelous panoramic views of the enclave from spacious balcony. It’s an amazing 2 beds villa located high in the Castellans area of Javea. The only thing is that it lacks swimming pool area but we think the balcony more than makes up for it and considering the money we can save, we can definitely determine to just renting out our current home instead of selling it. The excitement of moving out here and having a new lifestyle is amazingly tremendous we have fallen deeply and adored Javea, along with the shorelines, the countryside, the people in there and also the amazing Spain holiday villa. We are also thrilled to start out our new lives in one of the most superb places on Earth. All we need to right now is to make the sound decision on which home we want and which home our money can buy.