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Occupations in demand in Spain

Despite the economic downturn in Spain, the high levels of unemployment and the consequent labor market in decline, there are sectors that continue to generate employment, albeit at a slowing pace.

According to the latest Labour Force Survey (LFS), continuous research and quarterly whose main purpose is to obtain data on the workforce and its various categories (employed, unemployed), prepared by the National Institute for Statistics Spain, in the last 12 months, unemployment has increased in all sectors except construction (105,300 fewer unemployed) .

According to the same EPA survey, the service sector has continued to experience job losses (170,500 unemployed in the first quarter of 2013). However, within this category, the areas of personal services (hairdresser, massage, pedicure, etc.) and tourism are experiencing low unemployment rates, which stand as areas with potential employment prospects.

During 2012, the area of ​​personal services was the sector that grew the workforce, generating nearly 30,000 new jobs.

Tourism, meanwhile, represents an industry of great importance for the country. In Spain it is considered the fourth most competitive in the world in tourism country , behind Switzerland, Germany and Austria, due to its low price, experience in services and official sector support (according to the World Economic Forum).

In 2012, Spain received a total of 57.7 million foreign tourists, 2.7% more than in 2011 . This represents the third best year ever in the arrival of tourists to Spain after 2006 (58.4 million) and 2007 (59.2 million).

During the first quarter of 2013, Spain received 9.4 million foreign tourists, representing a 2.3% increase over the same period of 2012.

Tourism is a sector that offers certainly good employment prospects for the Spanish in 2013 .

The Spanish employers seek specialized technicians and skilled workers. This is suggested by the Spanish company HR management, Adecco, which produced a report describing the profiles most sought after in Spain in 2013. According to the study conducted by the company, the occupations most in demand in the market Spanish currently are:

• Crew cabin : technical training and job to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard a plane is required.

• Responsible for food quality : with secondary or higher education, this professional ensures the hygiene and quality in the processes of industrial food production.

• Cameraman : a worker with secondary or technical studies in charge of operating a camera and audiovisual equipment.

• Operator automotive specialist : a qualified specialist bolting, assembly, wiring and manipulation of parts in an assembly line worker in the automotive sector.

• Commercial cash or bank teller : is a technician who is responsible for direct customer in a bank.

• Manager recoveries : a technician who make calls to delinquent customers in order to arrange payment and establish alternatives to debt collection.

• Sales Promoter : is a technician with expertise in marketing and sales which is responsible for advising a client in order to close a sale.

• Operator specializing in the pharmaceutical sector : with a degree in technical training area, this worker ensures the marketing and sale of pharmaceutical products area.

• Bartender floors : not required specialized training and provides maintenance, housekeeping room of a hotel. Tourism and Hospitality.

• carretilleros : does not require specialized training and group addresses, using a wheelbarrow, finished product batches in a factory.

• Assistant Directors : a technical or university training is required and the profile is that of a secretary or administrative assistant in a company.

At the professional level, as Adecco, two races with job opportunities:

• Engineer for overseas : a professional engineer any area (but especially civil, electrical, mechanical and process), who has ability and willingness to constantly move abroad.

• Professionals “Business Intelligence” : a professional IT sector (Information Technology) expert methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for commercial purposes. It is a professional, usually from computer engineering, fluent in languages.

The aforementioned study seems to form the view that, in Spain, in the professional level, skilled workers from any branch of engineering and computer, preferably with English proficiency, first, and the French are valued or German as second choices; professional experience and endorsement of practice or internship course; and availability to travel and relocate.

Also important is the further training of these workers by employment trend suggesting assigning different tasks to the same person, especially in small and medium enterprises. In that sense, specialization courses and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) are key elements that will enable the applicant through the first filter a prospective employer.

Career opportunities for provinces of Spain
In Spain the crisis and unemployment Provinces that have lower unemployment rates than the national average, located around 27%

The latest survey (LFS), compiled by the National Institute of Surveys, reveals that Guipúzcoa (13.27%) remained below the average national rate, like the Basque Country, which shows a 16.28% unemployment. The Balearic Islands is the only range with a positive annual rate of 0.37%, ie 1,600 new employees .

Meanwhile, Extremadura (-2.12%), Valencia (-2.64%) and Canarias (-2.70%) have the least adverse negative rates.

During the first quarter of 2013, the number of assets increased in Canary Islands (7700 more), Asturias (4000) and Madrid (3900).

The area most affected by unemployment is Andalusia (36.87%), with the highest unemployment rate in Spain.

The trend plots indicate that the less beaten Spain is north , in rural or industrial areas, away from the big city.

According to a study conducted in 2012 by the Organization of Consumers and Users, among people over 30 Spanish cities, the towns where it is easier to get work are: Pamplona, ​​Vitoria, Logroño, Bilbao, Albacete, Zaragoza, Oviedo , Madrid, Valladolid and Barcelona . Albacete only represents the south.

The southern Andalusia at the head of arrest, offers, however, some exceptions. The municipalities of Chilluevar and Santiago Pontones, for example, seem to resist the regional average of unemployment thanks to its wealthy industries export of olive oil. So the conclusion seems calara:regions with export capacity can withstand the onslaught of unemployment .

In Guipúzcoa, where unemployment remains below the national average, jobs are based on the consolidated industrial sector and the business system cooperatives in the region with over 50 years of tradition.

For many analysts,  regional export industries Spain are those that can generate economic growth and employment in the coming years.

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Buying a Property in Denia

000001 property for sale in Denia - Solimarvillas

For a place to purchase a second home, Denia has become increasingly popular over the past few years – even for a retirement home or holiday apartment. And over the years, the ex-pat community has grown immensely due to its impressive coastline and its balmy climate. What makes it an incredible popular choice for the holidaymakers from across the globe are its excellent food and drinks, friendly locals and plenty to do and see. However, we’ve noticed that this is no longer the case, because just recently, we are actually seeing more and more people choosing Denia to be their new place in the sun – their permanent home.

Denia is a gorgeous coastal town with a population of around 47,000 and with a possibility of growing 3x when tourist from all over the world come buzzing in during summer. When it comes to accessibility, this splendid coastal town has great connections to busier cities and it well connected which makes it very ideal for those who want to buy in a relatively small town yet have easy access to all that a huge city has to offer. Denia nestled between 2 larger cities of Valencia and Alicante and can be found in the northern part of Costa Blanca and is considered as de facto capital of the Marina Alta of this area.

000002 property for sale in Denia - Solimarvillas

You will be pleased to know that Denia boasts a wide variety of properties for sale so if you are considering on buying a property here in Denia and whether your budget is quite extravagant or pretty tight, there is likely to be a house, villa or apartment in Denia to suit all tastes and budgets.

Also, there are different benefits that are being offered in different areas in Denia, in or around the town. The Montgo and Marquesa areas offer amazing views and both are very ideal if you are looking for a more tranquil spot as well as a quieter life. On the slopes of the Montgo mountain, the villas are generally spacious and modern and have private swimming pools but what is really great about those villas is that most of them boasts magnificent views of the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

Located on the southern part of the Denia’s town centre are San Nicolas, Las Rotas and Santa Llucia. They too have great villas very popular with families as well as apartments. They have 2 most important factors you might want to consider when choosing for a house to buy especially when you have kids who are attending school – good schools and safe and peaceful residential neighbourhoods. Most of the properties for sale in this area are have all the amenities that are within easy reach and are also close enough to the town centre.

Located on the northern part of Denia’s town centre is the Las Marinas area and if you fancy being in this place you are probably looking to invest not in a second home but rather in a holiday apartment. Offering well priced spacious accommodation built in this area are excellent apartment complexes which you can choose to rent out for an income generating opportunity or to keep as a holiday home. If you are looking to spend a couple of weeks relaxing in the fantastic Mediterranean climate then these apartments are just great for they are usually situated a stones throw away from the beach.
However, these apartments are designed to be rented out to holidaymakers of all group sizes and ages so if you value peace and quiet that much then you might want to reconsider choosing properties for sale in Denia which are available in southern part of the town.

2000001 property for sale in Denia - Solimarvillas

The town centre is the Centro Urbano which is located right at the heart of the town. Here you can also find town houses and apartments. The town area is where you can find most of the tourist as well as most of the locals – a complete mix of culture. You don’t need to worry about having to adjust or to adapt because in this place what’s normal to the tourist or locals is totally acceptable and no traditions to follow whatsoever, here all difference are highly respected. Locals are very friendly and surely it would be easy to get some help when most needed. You’ll also expect a lot of interaction everyday and if you are that type of person then this is the place to be.

It is also a very good thing to do to enlist the help of an established estate agent if you are looking to buy property in Denia. Through internet, you can easily find a list of reputable estate agents in the area. They surely be able to advise you and help you villa on the best type of property for you. In Denia Estate agents are known as “inmobiliaria“- this is a handy tip for you to remember and so useful with your research.

Whether it is for a holiday home or whether, Denia is a wonderful place to buy a property. With its stunning nature reserves, beautiful beaches, friendly people, wonderful climate, gorgeous architecture and fantastic cuisine, it is a perfect place to call home whether that be on a more permanent o for a two week holiday or so.