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Great Holiday Deals To Javea

Javea is an excellent place to truly experience your holiday vacation and take hold of the natural beauty of the area. It is located in the Spanish Alicante region on the Costa Blanca. The coastline of Javea is 25km long with beaches and streams which shine because of their natural beauty, their very clear waters and the Mediterranean woodland which surrounds them. Now it is the most popular destination for northern European visitors since 1970 primarily to those who wished to retire to their place in the sun. Ever since that time many expatriates have come and go over the years and some have even stayed for good. Javea weather and climate is so great which makes it a popular tourist destination for sun lovers enjoying approximately 325 sunny days each year. This means, for sun lovers, any time is a visiting time.

00001 - Summer in Javea, Spain 2015  

Javea’s weather in summer is very hot with little to no rainfall. The humidity level is relatively high but remains moderate as the temperature is cooled by the coastal breezes. T shirt and a pair of shorts are normal dress code for the summer season. The town evolves into a buzzing tourist town during this season.

Autumn in Javea 2015 - Javea holidays

Temperature declines and become fairly nice in particular throughout Spring and Autumn. Sunny days as always are perfect summer though there might be a probability of rainfall. A wonderful wardrobe is a long jeans, shorts, t shirts and some jumpers to accommodate every weather.


00001 - winter in Javea - javea holidays

The temperatures are unpredictable and will change considerably in winter season, it might become a fantastic day for strolling all over putting on only tshirt but it surely can be extremely chilly on the following day. It will get chilly if it rains so make sure to pack some sweater and raingear. If you are visiting during this season, consider renting a house or a villa that has heating systems due to the cold at night. Wear some warm clothes during your visit.

spring in Javea - Javea holidays

The weather is mild, can be hot sometimes yet usually dry during the spring season. The sky is clear and sunny but with still a possibility of rainfall. On evenings, it can still be quite cool. Sea temperatures remain cold. From wearing warm clothing, people gets slowly shifting to wearing only tshirts and a pair of shorts as the weather is usually heating up rapidly with numerous nice warm sunny days. If you are truly interested in sightseeing, there over thirty places that you can visit while in your stay in Javea.

Some of the major ones are these:

01 NATURAL PARK OF MONTGO - javea holidays

Pre historic site with cave hunters and dwellers. Several history to discover. It is an interesting adventure watching beautiful painting done over 5000 years ago with the history of Christianity and Islam to uncover. You can see right across to Ibiza at one point. It’s well worth climbing for the sense of achievement when you get to the top.


03 convenient and flexible Javea holidays - CALPE AND IFACH ROCK

Calpe is an ancient fishing port in Spain full of culture and history. Its most popular landmark is the Ifach rock which stands proudly at 332m at the head of Calpe. With a compilation of fascinating medieval towns and and fortified villages making a historic impression, Calpe and its spectacular nature reserves still remain unaffected by modern development.

Javea Holidays- Windmill


The remains of the ancient watchtowers positioned on the mountains tops reminds us how interesting this area was for pirates. Defense against consistent and continuous attacks from them was the key reason why these watchtowers were erected around the coast. They are now a non-living witness of the historic past which excites many foreigners.

0001 Javea arenal beach- Javea holidays

Javea’s beautiful white-sand Arenal is beaming with shops, restaurants and, in the summer, hopping beachside bars and nightclubs. The Arenal area becomes a 24 hour beach and party area in the months of July and August but apart from that Javea is a quiet place.

01 Harbour - javea holidays

Aduanas del Mar is Javea’s harbor. Few excursions you can do in the harbour is to go for a cruise along the coastline, take a ride in a glass bottom boat to see the underwater views of Mediterranean sea. You can also take few courses for sailing and scuba diving.

Javea has the most restful and relaxing ambiance. Its fortunate geographic location has endowed the place with excellent hotels and villas for places to stay turning it into a total overall package deal for a great holiday. Examples of these buildings are fearsome cliff-side unique villas with an exceptional construction and design in a very superb location with astonishing views. You can easily find yourself moving in this absolutely terrific place.


Spain Guide: Tourism in Spain

Spain Guide: Tourism in SpainSpain is populated with a great deal of vacationer visiting the country every summer especially the Costa Blanca region which lies with towns along the beach. A 300+ of sunny days each year awaita you in this wonderful province of Alicante in Eastern Spain which makes it a amazing tourist destination one would wish to transport to immediately.

Spain’s tourism industry succeed because of the following reasons:

Spain Transportation:

Spain has a good air and road transportation system.
For air travel, there’s AirEuropa which has several flight destination around Spain. Spanair also operates in Spain and throughout Europe. It has flights between Washington, DC, and Madrid. Air France also flies to Spain and there’s another site that tracks flights to and from various destinations in Spain and other European countries which is

Visitors can access Spain either by land, by ferry or by air but majority of travellers arrive by air. Airlines flying to Spain are Clickair, Vueling, Charter airlines, Air Europa, Air Berlin and the national airline which is Iberia.

Coastal beaches: Beach resorts in Spain

Spain has 4 major regions that lie along the Mediterranean waters.

  • Catalonia community. The Costa Daurada, Costa Brava and Costa Del Meresme. France and Spain inland vacationers mostly favored staying in this area.
  • Valencian Community. Costa Blanca. This is the best choice for holiday makers largely from UK and Germany because here lies the coastal town of Javea with it’s beautiful beaches. It’s also the Spain’s well-developed coastal region. Aside from Costa Blanca, Costa del Azahar is also found in this community.
  • Costa Calida lies in the region of Murcia
  • Andalucia region. The Costa de Almería, the Costa del Sol, the Costa Tropical and the Costa de la Luz lie in this region.

Family Holiday Villas:
Javea rentals and holidays in Moraira in Costa Blanca are the most preferred accommodation for tourists especially those who are traveling on a budget in Spain. Most of these low cost direct villa holidays in Moraira, inexpensive Javea villa rentals and a very affordable holiday apartments to rent which are either set close to the beach or in the hills overlooking lovely mountain views or at the top of mountain hills and cliffs in a great location with great views to the Mediterranean sea. Private parking and garden pool are well offered as special amenities.

Religion history:
The country holds some of the holiest places for the Catholic Church that is why Spain is highly regarded by the Catholics. The country holds the most sacred places for the Catholics such the city of Santiago de Compostela, Caravaca de la Cruz, and city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia after Vatican City and Jerusalem.This bring a lot of tourists in the form of pilgrims and other believers especially during the holy week and Christian holidays.

Lively night life:

Spain is highly attuned to late-night life and nightlife is part of the Spanish culture.
Madrid is a paradise for nightlife lovers and Barcelona’s party scene is spectacular as the city itself. Just to experience night energy, overnight clubs and night parties such as Kapital and Pacha bring tourists to Spain.

Archaeological destinations:
Spain is filled with museums and art galleries. Museo El Prado is famous for its collection of arts from ancient times and is also one of the most visited museums in the world. Countries national museum which are also included are The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. The country’s investment on tourism have made the country’s ideal growth and earnings achievable over the years.

Progressively, Spain stayed a year-round holiday maker vacation spot attracting more and more visitors from around the world. But by just thinking of Spain and summer your thoughts surely will drift to hot sunny days with clear blue skies.